The Visitor – Planning – Voice Over

The main things that I need to plan for my film are the locations and my timing, so choosing the best time for  when I can film my movie. I need to film it when the college is empty and quiet. This is going to be so that I won’t get interrupted and so that I can film the areas I want to film and not get anybody in the shot.

The plans for the voice over came from the types of tv shows and movies I watch. I believe that the Voice Over can be an even better way to tell a story then using actors.

Finding my voice actor was actually an easy thing to do as I asked the male members of the class if one of them wouldn’t mind doing it. Then Jack came over and asked if he could read for the role, I auditioned him and then we went into the A/V room and recorded.

The voice over is as follows,

So I guess I need to tell you what happened?
The honest answer is,  I haven't got a clue.
I came in, just for the day. But now I'm stuck here.
They were meant to be here. I tried looking.
I search d and I searched. But they were gone.
No-one else was here.
It took me a while to realize something, I came in a visitor.
 But now I'm trapped here a prisoner."

We recorded the voice over in three different emotions, each take more  emotive then the last.

The idea for a voice over came from the types of TV shows and Movies that I watch. I’m a huge fan of the voice over and think it’s a great way of telling a story. Television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Everybody Hates Chris, Desperate Housewives use this as a way to advance the story, while the TV series Criminal Minds use this to use quotes to sum up what has happened in the episode.

Here are a few examples of voice overs being used in shows.

GREY’S ANATOMY  – voice over, being provided by the main character, Meredith Grey as portrayed by Ellen Pompeo.

Rhimes, S. (2005). Grey’s Anatomy . Available: Last accessed 4th oct 2016.

CRIMINAL MINDS – a quote that sums up what’s happened in the episode, provided by main character, Arron Hotchner as portrayed by Thomas Gibson.

Mundy C, Messer, E. (2005). Criminal Minds. Available: Last accessed 20th September 2016.

And the last example is the voice over from the hit series, Law and Order:

Wolf, D. (1990). Law & Order. Available: Last accessed 04th Oct 2016.

As well as using a voice over to dedicate episodes to people.




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