The Visitor – pre production

The plan for my short film is to film long shots of the college corridors all from different angles. The theme is going to be a suspense thriller.

I intend to do this in the evening, when the college is dark and empty. This is going to add to the mystery and the suspense of the film.

I’m not going to have any actors in the film, as all I’m going to have just a voice over being heard over this.

The Idea of a Suspense film came from the idea of watching thriller movies and being kept on the edge of my seat with the anticipation of not knowing what was going to happen next.

I intend to film my movie at different angles, i,e . from down below, from, the side, crab shot.

The first shot that I’m going to do is start from the top balcony, looking down at the empty college. I’m choosing this to be my first shot to add a little bit of an impact to the film.

The second shot that I’m going to do start off low, about a few inches off the floor, as the camera begins to travel the corridor, at a slow speed. With hopefully only a little bit of light.

The third shot that I’m going to do is have a shot from inside a classroom, looking out, as it pans the room.

Once the above shot is complete, I’m going to film walking up the stair well as we see more of the college empty.

As the voice over  continues, we get shots of strange angles of the college.

The voice over will state about being trapped in the college.





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