This is Me: Eval

For the this is me project, I wanted to inform people on why I like to  write. Hopefully,  having showed the film to the class, I have done that. There were a few problems with the editing of the video, the total run time of the ‘interview’ I conducted with myself and Betsy, ran for a total of thirty-three minutes.

I knew I had to trim that down to a total of two minutes. So it was a struggle. I did however manage to do it. I also found that the audio I had recorded on the zoom, wasn’t the best quality. So I decided to use the audio from the camera as it was, in my opinion, much better.

After I had trimmed down the footage to just a couple of minutes, I needed to add music. This was a hard choice for me cause I love music in movies and tv shows, I think when it’s done right, It can be a whole separate character in itself.

So picking the music become a slight obsession. The first song that I used and really wanted to use was, Tegan and Sarah’s ‘Where Does the Good Go.’ But I was never able to get the volume levels right between the two.

After trying for a while, I moved into looking for an acoustic version of a song. The song I went for in the end, was Kodalin’s ‘All I Want’ I thought it went well with the theme of my video aswell as the video clips that I had imported.

The video clips that I included were hospital based on purpose as that was the topic. The first clip I had included was a clip form the show, “Hospital” on BBC two. The show was set around a busy hospital and I used these clips to show the chaos of what it’s like to be in hospital.

The other clip that I used was of the medical show ‘Holby City’ on BBC One. As I say in the video, the reason why I love medical shows so much is because I’ve lived in one. And also, they’re pretty good. The clip shown is of one of my best loved characters from the show.

After I had all of my clips in place, I had to export the film. This I had to do twice as I messed up with the export parameters.



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