Victoria – Film Analysis 

One girl, one night, one take. 

Two hours of uninterrupted pure cinematic joy. That’s the only way I can describe the 2015 foreign
film ‘Victoria’. Told in one continuous shot, the story of one girl meeting four guys, has never been so
riveting to watch. This is a film that grips you in right from the start and doesn’t let you go until the
closing credits.  

The directing is an art form in itself to watch. It’s a dance and director Sebastian Schipper gives the
dance of a life time. There are a few stand out moments in this film that have stayed with me, even
after watching it a second time. There is a scene around 40 minutes in which features the lead role  

Victoria played by Lela Costa, playing the piano. It’s a beautiful piece of film to watch and the way the
camera moves around is elegant and plays to the actress’s performance. And can I just ask why we
haven’t seen more of Lela Costa? Cause she is amazing! 

The second scene is around 1hour 24 minutes in and it revolves around Victoria not being about to
concentrate after the guys pull the bank heist. Again its absolutely stunning to watch. 

Not long after that. There is a scene where Victoria and the guys arrive back in the club and the Audio fades out and is replaced by a piano instrumental and it’s an amazing and such a great performance by both the actors and the director. 


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