Character Profile: Josh

Character profile for Sam

• Context in which the character is set: Audition rehearsal.

• Research: looking at audition tapes.

• Name of the character: Josh 

• What year the character was born: 1998

• Age: 19

• Sex: Male

• Dress: Casual

• Social class: Middle Class

• What do they do as a job: Unemployed

• Where do they live: In a flat. 

• Habit: drinks. 

• Do they drive a car, what car or transport do they use?: No. they train.

• Issues affecting the character: Not sure who’s side to take. 

• What colour hair and face does the character has?: Red hair.  White face.

• What eyes colour the character has?: Blue

• How do they walk?: Like he’s pissed off with the world. 

• How do they talk?: with annoyance at everyone 

• Relationship with other characters : unknown, to be left up to the audience to have their own opinion. 

• Ethnicity: white.

• Learning Experiences: school, currently student.

• Character’s short-term goals in life: unknown.

• How does the character deal with anger?: He doesn’t.  

• With sadness?: Will let it show. 

• With conflict?: Always one sided. Usually his 

• With change?: Hates change. 

• With loss?: Fine with it. 

• What does the character want out of life?: To be respected.

• What would the character like to change in his/her life?:  to just be happy. 

• What motivates this character?: His passion to help others. 

• What frightens this character?: change. 

• What makes this character happy? : Being left alone.

• Is the character judgmental of others?: Absolutely

• Is the character generous or stingy? : A bit of both.

• Is the character generally polite or rude?: polite when he has to be.  It doesn’t really care what anyone thinks. 


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