Weekly blog update. May 28th 2017

Updating this blog has been an absolute pain. Mainly cause I’ve been adding stuff for all the other topics and have been updating my progress through them. But nonetheless, this blog needs to be done. So here goes. 

It’s a Sunday and it’s the bank holiday weekend. 

So much has happened to this FMP that it’s probably gonna take a while to document. So in the words of Diane Lockhart, I need to document everything. But this a little difficult for me cause I’m not usually one to write about what I’ve done. I find it hard to get the words out and pin point what went well, and what didn’t. 

There are many things that have annoyed me about this final major project and the grooling weeks of stress and countless hours without sleep are amongst them. But probably one the things that have annoyed me the most is having ideas and then having to change them. 

But in retrospect, that’s all part of having a production company. When one person liked the idea. Someone else might not. And sometimes it’s that one person who can change the entire plan. Just think of Trump at the G7 meeting. 

When I first went into doing this one shot, I thought I’d be able to get it done and dusted within a couple of weeks. I know that makes me sounds a bit big headed and cocky but I truly thought I’d be ab,e to do this quick. How wrong was I? Very. 

I’d not taken into account what it takes to make a one shot film. The patients, the rehearsal, Countless lines to learn and learning how to say them. I’d not thought about any of that. But working through the difficulties and all the problems I’ve had, loosing actors, script rewrites, more script rewrites,sound problems and even problems doing a location reci, this will hopefully be good enough to watch. 

One thing I am going to point out is, I’m. Not sure it’s going to be better than last years. I feel like it’s not up there with my writing  abilities. But hopefully as I add more to this film, the writing will hopefully increase. 


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