Blog Update: Tuesday 30th May – Tuesday 6th June 2017

So this week has been half term week and  I’ve been in college like all week. I’ve mainly just been filming and editing and sorting out props.

So with the change to the story, I’ve had to add  slot more to the story.  After a debrief with Elena, we both decided that my original footage, the one shot. See below. Felt like it was part of a bigger project and as a standalone film, wouldn’t give much of an impact.

After a little thought and idea mind mapping, I deceived that the best way to move this project forward was to make this look like an audition tape. So I got to watching audition tapes online and noticed how’d they film them and how’s they’d act in character.

I looked at many audition tapes from famous people, including. ‘House M.D.’ Star Hugh Laurie.  Watching this gave me a nostalgic feeling. Having absolutely adored House when it was on TV, this was a warm and fun reminder just how great this show was and how much Hugh Laurie was loved in this role.




(Laurie, 2011)


Other audition tapes I looked were Emma Stone, for her role in the film ‘Easy A’

It’s no ‘La-La Land,’ but its clear to see how Emma Stone got the role for ‘Easy -A’ and its easy to see how she’s become one of the best loved actress in America. 



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