Where did you get your idea? 

The idea for the one shot has been a dream of mine for a few years. Tv shows such as ‘The West Wing’ and ‘E.R.’ were a big inspiration,

What did you want to explore?

My creative side, and to show a story that was told in one shot that tracked multiple stories and multiple characters.

What is your personal point of view?

If this works, then it will be a great achievement.

What is your creative point of view?

This is going to be a a tremendous amount of work, and am looking forward to learning more narrative skills, especially within my writing,

Is there a topic?

Yes. The topic is change.

Is there an issue you wanted to address?


What research did you carry out?

I looked at films and tv shows that have been filmed in one shot. I looked at the narrative behind them and weather the one shot was justifiable. (Please see word-press blog for details.)

Did you look at certain films? And what were they?

The West Wing, E.R. and the film Victoria as the whole movie is filmed in one shot. (Again, see word-press for other research,.)

What are your influences?

Anything by Aron Sorkin. Cause he is god.

Are there particular approaches to editing, filming, narrative, sets, props, sound, music you feel you’re attracted to? 

Music, yes. I feel very passionate about the use of music in film and tv. Mostly the ones that pack an emotional punch. I also want to be able to tell a narrative story that was only a  few minutes long.

Where there any financial constraints on your filmmaking?


What genre is your film?


Who’s your audience?

Unknown at this current time.

Is there any narrative theory associated with your film?


What methods and tools that you’re using?

I will be using premier pro when it comes to editing.

And – importantly – what are your aims and ambitions in the project?

To make a film in one shot.

And …what skills have you challenged?

Writing. Writing a story with a one shot narrative is going to be hard for me.

Remember the bibliography and Harvard referencing


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