Scene Analysis


The film I have chosen to analyse is the Netflix original documentary entitled “Amanda Knox”.

The reason for me choosing this particular documentary is that this case has always fascinated me. From the original trail, all the way up to the acquittal of Knox in 2011.

This film is a biographical documentary telling us the point of view of the aftermath of the murder of Meredith Kurtcher in Perugia on November 2nd 2007.

Right from the get go, we are thrown right into the action with a shot of the apartment in which this tragic event took place. With voice over from the emergency call to the Perugian Police providing us all the information we need to know.

We’ve got a piece of soft orchestral music providing us the score. Actual police footage from the scene of the crime and quite horrific images. That all set up the scene and what this documentary will be about.

Another key code for this type of genre is a voice over. This time it comes from the main protagonist. Amanda Knox. This again sets up the documentary to be from her point of view. When we cut to Amanda speaking, she’s in the centre of the screen, the background is a soft grey colour and the focus is entirely on her.

“Either she’s a psychopath or she’s one us”. Now that’s a terrifying way to end an opening scene and really does pull the viewer in. It’s a case that is so controversial That will get people to watch weather they believe she killed Meredith or not.

The chemistry between Amanda and her ‘then’ boyfriend Raffael Soletchito is everything you expect two people to be in love to act like. You get the sense that this is a a romance and it’s very clear to see why.

It’s also clear to see who the audience is for this film. It’s for the older people. It’s certainly not going to be for kids.

Another thing to notice is Knox’s body language, she’s calm, she’s dressed in a calming colour and everything about her just seems relaxed.

She’s very close to the camera, so you know she’s the one who we’re going to focus on.



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Where did you get your idea? 

The idea for the one shot has been a dream of mine for a few years. Tv shows such as ‘The West Wing’ and ‘E.R.’ were a big inspiration,

What did you want to explore?

My creative side, and to show a story that was told in one shot that tracked multiple stories and multiple characters.

What is your personal point of view?

If this works, then it will be a great achievement.

What is your creative point of view?

This is going to be a a tremendous amount of work, and am looking forward to learning more narrative skills, especially within my writing,

Is there a topic?

Yes. The topic is change.

Is there an issue you wanted to address?


What research did you carry out?

I looked at films and tv shows that have been filmed in one shot. I looked at the narrative behind them and weather the one shot was justifiable. (Please see word-press blog for details.)

Did you look at certain films? And what were they?

The West Wing, E.R. and the film Victoria as the whole movie is filmed in one shot. (Again, see word-press for other research,.)

What are your influences?

Anything by Aron Sorkin. Cause he is god.

Are there particular approaches to editing, filming, narrative, sets, props, sound, music you feel you’re attracted to? 

Music, yes. I feel very passionate about the use of music in film and tv. Mostly the ones that pack an emotional punch. I also want to be able to tell a narrative story that was only a  few minutes long.

Where there any financial constraints on your filmmaking?


What genre is your film?


Who’s your audience?

Unknown at this current time.

Is there any narrative theory associated with your film?


What methods and tools that you’re using?

I will be using premier pro when it comes to editing.

And – importantly – what are your aims and ambitions in the project?

To make a film in one shot.

And …what skills have you challenged?

Writing. Writing a story with a one shot narrative is going to be hard for me.

Remember the bibliography and Harvard referencing

Filming My FMP – The Title

Naming my Final Major Project was kind of easy. As I wanted to film in the one shot, I felt as though the title should reflect that, so in the end, i came up with the title, ‘One’. This was something that I don’t think In made clear in the film.


The title of my film, being shown in the audition video.

Blog Update: Tuesday 30th May – Tuesday 6th June 2017

So this week has been half term week and  I’ve been in college like all week. I’ve mainly just been filming and editing and sorting out props.

So with the change to the story, I’ve had to add  slot more to the story.  After a debrief with Elena, we both decided that my original footage, the one shot. See below. Felt like it was part of a bigger project and as a standalone film, wouldn’t give much of an impact.

After a little thought and idea mind mapping, I deceived that the best way to move this project forward was to make this look like an audition tape. So I got to watching audition tapes online and noticed how’d they film them and how’s they’d act in character.

I looked at many audition tapes from famous people, including. ‘House M.D.’ Star Hugh Laurie.  Watching this gave me a nostalgic feeling. Having absolutely adored House when it was on TV, this was a warm and fun reminder just how great this show was and how much Hugh Laurie was loved in this role.




(Laurie, 2011)


Other audition tapes I looked were Emma Stone, for her role in the film ‘Easy A’

It’s no ‘La-La Land,’ but its clear to see how Emma Stone got the role for ‘Easy -A’ and its easy to see how she’s become one of the best loved actress in America.