Planning a rewrite 

When it came to rewriting my script, I had absolutely no idea how I could do it. So I done what I normally do when I rewrite a script. I put my headphones in and shut myself out from the rest of the world.

With my headphones in and my music playing, I started to think about how I can change the story to fit into one room.  So I thought about how the story could evolve but still remain the essence that the original script and keep the original story.

So I decided to try and change the story from having multiple locations and try and set it in just the one location. So then I had to get the story right but again, trying to keep in mind the original story.

I decided to try and make this in to a two person argument and Change some of the dialogue.


Character Profile: Sam

Character profile for Sam

• Context in which the character is set: Audition rehearsal.

• Research: looking at audition tapes.

• Name of the character: Sam

• What year the character was born: 1995

• Age: 23

• Sex: Female

• Dress: Casual

• Social class: Middle Class

• What do they do as a job: Unemployed

• Where do they live: In a house.

• Habit: smokes.

• Do they drive a car, what car or transport do they use?: No. they train.

• Issues affecting the character: Jealousy

• What colour hair and face does the character has?: Blond hair. White face.

• What eyes colour the character has?: Green.

• How do they walk?: Like on a mission.

• How do they talk?: with passion.

• Relationship with other characters : unknown.

• Ethnicity: white.

• Learning Experiences: school, currently student.

• Character’s short-term goals in life: unknown.

• How does the character deal with anger?: she goes bat shit mental.

• With sadness?: tries not to let it shown

• With conflict?: Tries to see things from both sides.

• With change?: accepts change.

• With loss?: Total emotional wreck.

• What does the character want out of life?: To be respected.

• What would the character like to change in his/her life?: Never being anyone’s second choice.

• What motivates this character?: Her passion for life.

• What frightens this character?: Rejection

• What makes this character happy? : Being Loved.

• Is the character judgmental of others?: Absolutely

• Is the character generous or stingy? : A bit of both.

• Is the character generally polite or rude?: you never want to make her angry.

Former Ideas

The very first idea that I had for my FMP was to adapt a few chapters of a book, the book in question was ‘Someday, Somday, Maybe’ by Lauren Graham. This went quite far into the production stage that I even wrote a script.

Franny_Script.pdf 1

Naming it ‘An Evening With Frances Banks’ was a nod to the main character’s idea for her ideal name for a play. When it came to adapting the book into the script, it was a very interesting thing to do, so to get in the mind set of the writer, I watched books that were adapted into films and also read the books of the film.

I of course, started with the Harry Potter series by reading and then watching the first film, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.’ Reading the book and then watching the film, has given me a greater appreciation for the Boy Who Lived.

Other books that I read were, John Green’s ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and then watched the film. Both times I cried like a child. Never has the word ‘Okay’ been so soul destroying.

To try and get a better feel for the genre, I read ‘Eat,Prey,Love’ written by Elizabeth Gilbert and starring Julia Roberts, she can do so much better. Let’s just leave it at that. and ‘Wild’ based on the novel ‘Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail’ by Cheryl Strayed and starring Reece Withaspoon. You can actually sign up to do the actual hike, just follow this link.

Both books are outstanding.

After I had a talk with my tutor about this, it soon became clear that adapting a book without the authors permission, even for a college project, is actually against the law. So I did what I thought was best, hunt down Lauran Graham’s fan mail address and write her a letter. I sent that letter End of January and to this day, have not heard back. But in her defense, she’s probably still loving the hype from the new Gilmore Girls series. But let’s be honest. Who isnt? 

So I then decided to go down another route, taking a look at musicals! I’m sure you can see where this is going, but just stick with it. I watched Les Miserables and thought to myself that I can try and re-modernize it. It’s a crime just thinking about it! But, like with ‘Someday, Someday, Maybe’ I wrote a script.

Les Mis Script

But after several re-writes and several viewings of the film later, (I’ve seen the show on Broadway, absolutely strange with American Accents) I never felt I had enough gravitas in the script to give such a wonderful book, film, musical justice.

FMP Music


The music to play over my final thirty seconds of my film and over my end credits is to me, almost and if not more important than the story of whatever movie you’re using it in. Music stays with you long after the moments happened and when you have a good song, it makes whatever’s happening in the scene much more memorable.

I love incorporating music into my movies, the first major film I made last year was a music video set to Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’. Then I made a genre film set to ‘Keep Me In your Heart For A While’ by Warren, and for my final project last year, I used ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston, but covered by the band Bootstraps.

All the above examples moved my story along with the storytelling through the lyrics of the song, In some cases I have chosen the song before hand and then tried to write to the song and whatever fits the mood. I tried this last year for my FMP by originally wanting the song, ‘Gone Away’ by Lucy Schwartz but when it came to the editing side of things, I found that the song didn’t work with what I’ve recorded. So then in came Whitney!

My song for this year was a hard choice to pick, mainly because it’s only being used for about thirty-fourtyfive seconds. Knowing this, I wanted to pick a song with a punch. Something that makes you thinks ‘okay, this is a good song.’  and to also pick a song that felt relevant to the story.

So to make that happen, I looked at really old songs, because we all know, some of the best songs out in the world, are old. After a while of listenig to songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I came across Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man and I think It’s Gonna Be A Long Long Time‘ 

I felt as though this song reflects the story of Sam as it’s been a long long time since he has seen Melody, which is the main plot line to the story.  I even add reference to the song in the script, when their talking about Elton John, Sam says ‘He made want to become an astronaut’  just to link back to the song.

When it came to being allowed to use the song, I went on the Elton John website and emailed them asking them if I could use the song.

This was their response

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 16.31.00.png


A copy of the music rights can be found student-licence-template-connor-norton

FMP Early Plans

I have had many ideas for my FMP for this year, from adapting a book ‘Someday Someday Maybe’ by Lauren Graham, all the way to re-modernizing the hit musical Les Misérables, I have scripts for both. But in the end, I have decided to stick with my original plan and that is to do a film in one continuous shot. I have started research on this and plan to continue over the holidays.