Blog Update: Tuesday 30th May – Tuesday 6th June 2017

So this week has been half term week and  I’ve been in college like all week. I’ve mainly just been filming and editing and sorting out props.

So with the change to the story, I’ve had to add  slot more to the story.  After a debrief with Elena, we both decided that my original footage, the one shot. See below. Felt like it was part of a bigger project and as a standalone film, wouldn’t give much of an impact.

After a little thought and idea mind mapping, I deceived that the best way to move this project forward was to make this look like an audition tape. So I got to watching audition tapes online and noticed how’d they film them and how’s they’d act in character.

I looked at many audition tapes from famous people, including. ‘House M.D.’ Star Hugh Laurie.  Watching this gave me a nostalgic feeling. Having absolutely adored House when it was on TV, this was a warm and fun reminder just how great this show was and how much Hugh Laurie was loved in this role.




(Laurie, 2011)


Other audition tapes I looked were Emma Stone, for her role in the film ‘Easy A’

It’s no ‘La-La Land,’ but its clear to see how Emma Stone got the role for ‘Easy -A’ and its easy to see how she’s become one of the best loved actress in America. 



Filming My FMP – Kira’s Audition Tape

So today I filmed the audition tape with Kira. We filmed in one of the edit rooms, as this was a good location to film in as it was plain and boring.


I wanted to shoot this in one medium close up. This was to keep in conjunction to the audition tapes that I have viewed. (More on that can be seen on their own wordpress page. )

The script was pretty much improvised between myself and Kira, and pretty much taking inspiration from  the videos that i watched.

Filming this scene took a lot longer than anticipated, mainly because we kept messing up and not getting the improvised script right.

Over all. I am please with the way this turned out. One of the main issues I had with this was the audio, but in retrospect, i think it works and gives the audition tape more of a real life feel to it.

Filming My FMP – Abbie’s Stuff

Today, I filmed the Casting Agent scenes, with Abbie from year two. We filmed in the AV room, using one of the Canon cameras and a taskmask audio device.

ABBIE AV ROOM (Abbie rehearsing the scene)

This was a scene that was pretty much written on the day. It only took a few hours to write and Abbie was pretty quick to remember the script and then we got filming.

This was a fun scene to film, as well as a complicated one, mainly because when it came to the shot of the computer over Abbie’s shoulder, the camera reflection could be seen in the computer.

After much menovering and trying to no get the camera reflection in shot, I decided to sort the problem out in post.

JEF (This was orriginally going to come up on the screen that Abbie was watching.)

So in the end, I used the image from the film and used that instead, before fading into the countdown.

I feel like this filming session went pretty well, and really glad that I could get Abbie to act in it.



Weekly blog update. May 28th 2017

Updating this blog has been an absolute pain. Mainly cause I’ve been adding stuff for all the other topics and have been updating my progress through them. But nonetheless, this blog needs to be done. So here goes. 

It’s a Sunday and it’s the bank holiday weekend. 

So much has happened to this FMP that it’s probably gonna take a while to document. So in the words of Diane Lockhart, I need to document everything. But this a little difficult for me cause I’m not usually one to write about what I’ve done. I find it hard to get the words out and pin point what went well, and what didn’t. 

There are many things that have annoyed me about this final major project and the grooling weeks of stress and countless hours without sleep are amongst them. But probably one the things that have annoyed me the most is having ideas and then having to change them. 

But in retrospect, that’s all part of having a production company. When one person liked the idea. Someone else might not. And sometimes it’s that one person who can change the entire plan. Just think of Trump at the G7 meeting. 

When I first went into doing this one shot, I thought I’d be able to get it done and dusted within a couple of weeks. I know that makes me sounds a bit big headed and cocky but I truly thought I’d be ab,e to do this quick. How wrong was I? Very. 

I’d not taken into account what it takes to make a one shot film. The patients, the rehearsal, Countless lines to learn and learning how to say them. I’d not thought about any of that. But working through the difficulties and all the problems I’ve had, loosing actors, script rewrites, more script rewrites,sound problems and even problems doing a location reci, this will hopefully be good enough to watch. 

One thing I am going to point out is, I’m. Not sure it’s going to be better than last years. I feel like it’s not up there with my writing  abilities. But hopefully as I add more to this film, the writing will hopefully increase. 

Test shots 

The first round of test shots that I did for my film turned out okay. But watching it back, inniticed that there were a lot of technical difficulties regarding the way if filming. Below are just a couple of screen grabs from th test shots. 
One of the main issues that I would be facing would be sound. Having someone holding a boom mic for three to five minutes and going from location to location to location would be such a tremendous difficulty. So I will look at ways to try and re write the story so that the sound becomes less of an issue.

Analysis – ‘The West Wing’ – Walk and Talk ‘Five Votes Down’

This blog post is going to be a scene comparison between the movie ‘Victoria’ and the TV series ‘The West Wing’.

The scene from ‘The West Wing’ is taken from the season one episode, Five Votes Down, and it lasts for approximately three minutes and sets up the main plot points for the rest of the episode.

This scene is brilliant, it’s got humor and drama and action all in three minutes and six seconds.

We start in a lecture hall where President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) is finishing his State of the Union address, he goes down some stairs, interacts with the crowd and then heads out with his security team as the other main characters interact.

Firstly, we get Deputy White House Communications Director Sam, (America’s most underrated Actor, Rob Lowe) who is literally the best, walking up to his boss, Toby (Richard Schiff) they have a discussion about the presidents speech.

The camera then goes round a corner and down some more steps when Deputy Chief Of Staff, Josh (Bradly Whittaford) runs up to White House Press Liaison C.J. (7X Emmy Award Winner, Allison Janey) and informs her of that fact that they are ‘Five Votes Down’ on a Sennett Vote.

They then share some dialogue and the camera (which is still moving) goes from the back of them, to in front of them where White House Chief Of Staff Leo (portrayed by the late John Spencer) comes up to them and starts talking to them.

The camera then goes over to Sam and Mandy (Moira Kelly) who also discuss the speech and Sam’s last minute additions to it. We then turn another corner and rejoin the President as Toby walks up to him, we then walk down more stairs and continue to follow the conversation between Toby and The President.

The President then calls over his Special Advisor, Charlie (Duel Henry) to ask him what he thought about the speech. They have a a further conversation about the First Lady and what was good about the speech.

The camera then goes out into a parking lot and see’s the President and his team get into the Presidential limousine.

End Scene.

This is an absolute joyous piece of television to watch. It;s just darn right amazing. A quick kudos to the camera operator for walking backwards the entire time.

This is where my idea came from. I wanted to create a scene that would go from location, location, location and feature multiple characters,  But as my blog states, this was impossible to do.