Discrimination Eval

For my discrimination product. I decided to use an Equality essay that I wrote regarding the HeForShe Campaign run by Emma Watson and make it abit more relevant to the topic.

I decided to make it into a newspaper as I didn’t have any idea how to turn it into anything. There were a few things that I added, including pictures to make it seem a bit more interesting.

Another thing that  I changed to make it a bit more up to date, was the addition of the Orlando Shootings. I felt like to include such a huge and tragic thing to happen as this product is all about Equality.

If there was anything i could change, it would be to add abit more information about all the subjects.

Over all I felt that the project worked really well.


Comparing Two Media Products

Grey's Anatomy Season 12 poster

The poster promoting the shows 12th season. Showing the lead character Meredith Grey looking ahead following the events of the previous season.

After the first time this song was used in 2006, it propeled the Irish band, Snow Patrol into the US charts. It was most recently used twice during the shows 11th season with covers sung by, Sleeping at last and The Wind And The Wave.

After the first time this song was used in 2006, it propelled the Irish band, Snow Patrol into the US charts.

The suns gonna rise again. – Meredith Grey


The two media products that I am going to be covering, are Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars and the American television series Grey’s Anatomy.

These two products are related by only one thing, and that’s because the song Chasing Cars, featured in some of the most emotional scenes in the shows 12 year history.

They are very similar in the aspect that the song fits the show perfectly. The lyrics ‘Would you lie with me and just forget the world.’ Work so well with the scene that it’s merged with. Most noticeably, the end of the second season when they the show killed off Denny, one of the recurring characters in the show.

The music video itself, was filmed twice, one for the UK and one for the US.

In the UK music video, It’s dark and we have lots of close-ups of the singer as he begins to sing. In the video, it starts to rain. This could be an act of symbolism, the song is a sad song so make the environment sad?

In a sence, this version of the song is shot like a feature film. Lots of close-ups and lots of different angles, as well as multiple close-ups as the guy is singing.

Another aspect of the song is death and suicide. This is something that both versions show in their videos.

Lead singer Gary Lightbody as he sings the song.

Lead singer Gary Lightbody as he sings the song.

A main theme from both versions of the song is death.

A main theme from both versions of the song is death.

In the US music video,it is more of a lighter theme to it. Garry Lightbody himself even looks better. We get a more of a ‘free’ feel to it as the video takes us on a tour of the streets of New York. Another thing about this video is that there are not as many close-ups as there is in the UK version.

The first close up we get of Garry Lightbody in the US version of the song.

The first close up we get of Garry Lightbody in the US version of the song.


The market for these products are very different. Greys has an audience of young adults and mainly older women and their market has a mass market audience. Whereas Snow Patrol has an audience of folk and rock fans. Mainly of whom are young teenagers and young adults, so the market for the band would be known as niche and was only known to a select few. Their presence was mainly unknown before their appearance on Grey’s.

The episode of Grey’s that it featured in ‘Losing My Religion’ was written by series creator Shonda Rihimes and was directed by Mike Tinker. To promote this episode ABC aired it as a two-hour season finale, with the first part airing before the finale.


There were many career paths involved in making both the Grey’s episode and the Chasing Cars music video. The song was written by Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly, Tom Simpson, Paul Wilson, Jonny Quinn and was directed by Nick Burdit. To promote the song, the American Broadcasting Company, ABC, featured the song heavily to promote the third season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Other career paths that are in the film industry include,

Producing, they are the people who run the show, for instance, Grey’s is executively produced by Shonda Rhimes, and she is also the creator. The Chasing Cars music video was produced by Jacknife Lee, he has worked with artists such as Taylor Swift and One Direction.

Casting: The main part of a show, if you can’t get the right cast, then you have no-show.

Cameraman: The camera man is always the person that is holding the camera under the instruction from the director.

Editor: Susan Vail. She has edited many of Grey’s Anatomy’s episodes.

Director: The director of the Grey’s Anatomy was Mark Tinker, he has directed only 3 episodes of the shows. The Snow Patrol video was directed by Nick Burdit. I am unfamiliar with his work but will be looking out for his work in the future.

There are lots of other important people who help make a film or a tv show, these include,

The actors: The actors are the key point of the show. They have to always be bringing their ‘A Game’ so that each performance that they do is amazing.

Props:  The props are sometimes the heart of the show and are always important to the story.

Score: The music is another thing that has to be brilliant. It’s the music can make certain scenes stand out from the rest and stay with the audience long after you’ve watched them.

Wardrobe: The costumes that are used in these shows are important to the story and again, can make the scene more important. For example, in the Grey’s Anatomy episode, the image of Katherine Heigl’s, Izzie Stevens in her pink prom dress as Chasing Cars begins to play, is an image that is burned into my mind forever.

Izzie Stevens lying beside her fiance Denny after he died, is one of the best scenes in the history of the show.

Izzie Stevens lying beside her fiance Denny after he died, is one of the best scenes in the history of the show.


Grey’s is one of the reasons in which I want to pursue a career in film and TV. It’s the end scene of ‘Losing My Religion ’ always sticks in my mind whenever I listen to the song.

I’ve always looked to the end scene as a sort of inspiration when I’m writing. In a sense, in want to try and recreate the emotional impact of what happened during those 4 minutes of song. I want to write something that is up there with the death of Denny.

Not only do I want to go into writing, but also directing. It’s always been a dream of mine to see one of my projects come to life and I hope after completing this college course and going to uni, that dream can become a reality.


There are many unis that can be attended for the Film and TV BA Honours, including Birmingham University and London South Bank.

Many people offten go to Uni and work on developing their skills in film and TV production. Other’s try and go freelance and try creating their own films and trying to make it on their own by using social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and even Youtube to help promote thier work.