Podcast Evaluation

For this topic, i had to create a podcast. I had to team up with a friend, in this case i teamed up with shola.

The main feature of our podcast was going to be based on music. My teaming with shola actually worked well as she is a musical person.
Before we could even start making this podcast,  we had to figure out what we had to do.
So we started looking at different types of music and genres.
We eventually decided to interview people who were apart of bands and or a solo act.
After we had thought of questions to ask, me and shola began interviewing.
The first band we interviewed was a college band name The Faders. They liked to think of themselves as a rock/ pop group. Ive no idea how they can be the same.
We began asking them as they were in the middle of a recording session. We do pick the best times to speak to these people.
We recorded them on a zoom, which looking back at was a very bad thing to do. As the audio was rubbish.
After we interviewed them. We got to listen to one of their songs, called Trouble, or Doubles. Im still not sure what it was called. Maybe i need to look that up?
Anyhow. Once we had listened to them. We went on to interview our next guest. Amelia Thorne, or as shes known to the ENTIRE college, Libby.
She sings. And pretty well too. But again, the audio on the zoom was crap.
After we talked for a half and hour, yeah. A whole 30 minutes. Me and shola then proceeded to our next interviewee, also a good word.
This time it was a 14 year old girl if I remember. If she was older. I do apologise. Now her name was haley. Again, like Libby, she was a singer.
We spoke to her about her influences, among them was Ed Sheeran, a popular person whenever we asked that question. Ginger power!
Once we had finished the interviews. Me and shola decided to head to the recording studio ourselves. after we got set up, me and shola began our recording.

Audio For Short Film

For my short film, All I Ask, I had to do some editing to the audio and add some music. Because I only used the mike from my camera I had to use a program called Audition to make the diolouge between my main charaters more clearer.

To start off this I had to highlight all of my audio on Premier Pro CS6, right click and then click edit with Audition.

It took me a while to get the hang of it but once I did, I found it easy to use.

Once I had my audio sorted and all tuned propperly, I imported it back into Premier Pro and everything sounded okay.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 13.32.23

This is a screen shot of my audio put in place.

After that was finished, I went on lookinng at the song I would use for my end scenes. I wrote the ending spesifically so that a song would be playing at the end.

I went through many ideas,originally I wanted a piece of music that resembaled the track entitled Bad Wolf from the show Doctor Who. For me the music fit really well as it starts off slow and then kicks up the tempo.

I wrote in the script when the music starts to alllow actors reading the script would know how the scene would play.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 13.24.04

This is a sample of a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ script showing when music starts playing over the scene.

I went back and fourth on many of songs, but finally decided on ‘Keep Me In Your Heart For A While’ by Warren Zevon. I think the song really work well with what I’ve filmed and has been acted.