FMP Emailing Doctors For Research

The following PDF document, is going to show you the emails between the doctors that I’ve contacted to get a better understanding of what it’s like to work in a hosptial. As well as other doctors that Ive researched.



E.R. Episode Walk Through. Season 6: Episode 14

This is a walk-through of the episode of E.R. that I am going to use in my power point, this is, in my opinion, the best episode of the 331 episodes that the show created.

As I watch the entire series for the very first time, being up to the shows 9th season I’ve laughed, cried, cheered and shouted at the t.v. but none more then I did with this season six episode ‘All In The Family.’ I have in fact seen this episode around four times now and it still gets to me.

I’m going to be taking you through the episode and telling you what I thought of the direction as well and the acting.

This episode was directed by Jonathan Caplan, he has directed several episodes of E.R. that I think are amazing.

So we started the episode following off where the last episode ended. With John Carter and his Medical Student, Lucy Knight having been stabbed by a psychotic patient. It takes a full three minutes and 51 seconds before they get discovered by Chief of Medicine Kerry Weaver.

Then we cut to the well known and perhaps world known title sequence.

We then cut to happy couple and fellow E.R. docs Mark Greene and Elizabeth Corday, played by Anthony Edwards and Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston, doing a bit of drunken karaoke. It’s nice to have a little  bit of comedy, before the drama and emotion kicks in.

Then boom. We start off the action with Medical Student Lucy Knight and her mentor John Carter being rushed into the trauma rooms as their fellow E.R. doctors work to save them.

The scenes that follow take place rather fast as we get Surgeon Peter Benton rushing down to the E.R. to take a look at his wounded friends.

Then this is where Jonathan Kaplan’s amazing directing comes in, as Carter is being rushed into the elevator, the camera switches from the views of Carter on the hospital bed and his fellow doctors looking at him as they rush him into the O.R.


The doctors looking down at John as they rush him to the O.R.


The view from Carter looking up at his fellow doctors.








As both Greene and Corday arrive we go back to Lucy as she’s still being treated in the Trauma room and rushed up to surgery.

Weaver then goes outside to vomit, the camera stays in one shot, which I like because it’s a simple scene. It doesn’t need to be a multi-cam set up and it kinds brings a bit of calm to keep it in the one shot as everything else has been multi cam shots.


Weaver played by Laura Innes,  walks out of the E.R.


Kerry vomits into a trash can.


Kerry composes herself.


Kerry heads back inside of the E.R.

The scene then fades to black marking the end of Act One.

Act Two begins at 15 minutes into the episode and we open with Carter on the operating table talking to Benton. After Carter gets put under, Benton walks out of the O.R. only to see Lucy being rushed into the O.R. next door.


Lucy being rushed into surgery as she fights for her life.

After a short scene with Doctors Weaver, Greene and Kovac as well as a scene of the patients wife, played by Gilmore Girls (hooray for the Netflix Series)  Alum Liza Weil, refusing to believe that her husband could have stabbed Carter and Lucy.

As we get some more scenes of Carter and Lucy being operated on, we find the story going back on to the patients wife, as she tells the cops where her husband might be, then we cut to a scene of Greene and Corday’s parents kinda hitting it off.

Then we see Doctor’s Abby and Chen run out to the ambulance bay to treat an incoming patient, the patient just so happens to be the guy that stabbed Lucy and Carter. With the patient being played by Numbers star David Krumholtz, its nice to see his acting ability before he was famous.

The same could be said about practically all the staff of E.R with many of it’s stars going on to be more known, for other roles. George Clooney, needs no introduction, played Doug Ross for the first five seasons, has gone on to be a MASSIVE movie star and is currently staring in Money Monster, directed by Jodie Foster.

Julianna Margulies, who played Nurse Carol Hathaway went on to star in the hit series The Good Wife.

Parmindar Nagra, who played Nurse Neela Rosgotra will be scheduled to star in the second series of the British show Fortitude.

and Laura Innes who played Kerry Weaver is now best known for her direction of Episodic Television, a profession that she started on E.R. has gone on to direct multiple episodes of hit U.S. show such as Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and The Affair, which stars former E.R. star Maura Tireny.

But back on to the show as Nurses Abby and Chen take the patient into Trauma, Kerry  refuses to treat him and hands him over to Greene, then as Kerry watches them treat the patient, we End Act Two.

We begin act three with Corday and Chief Of Staff Romano talking about Lucy’s surgery and how Carter is doing. A nurse then comes and informs Corday that Lucy is waking up.






So i started filming today. It was a good day. We filmed in the first aid room. This was actually good thing as it does look like an actual hospital.

Filming consisted of Libby, Shola and Natalie, who acted in the scene., with me behind the camera.

The filming went well, there were only a few hic-ups, mainly with people remembering their lines. but after we ran through it a couple of times. Everyone knew what they were doing.


For tomorrow, I intend to film some more. Mainly my one shot take with Steve, Natalie and Libby.

FMP Task One

So today we had our first day back after the Easter Break and we started work on our Final Major Project.

Over the half term, I started looking at things to do for my FMP and the idea came from a minor hospital stay that I had early March.

I came up with the idea of a hospital drama as I’ve spent much time in hospital growing up.

So I wrote the script in about two hours.

Over the half term, i started looking into medical dramas and watching a few episodes of House, M.D, E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy to see how each drama was filmed.  After taking notes from this, I then knew how I wanted to film my film.

For my primary research, I emailed a few surgeons that I had as i was a patient at G.O.S. H. up London and waited for a response. i got one a few hours later and then my research was starting to get underway.



I need to fact check my plan and see if what i have written can be medically accurate.