FMP Emailing Doctors For Research

The following PDF document, is going to show you the emails between the doctors that I’ve contacted to get a better understanding of what it’s like to work in a hosptial. As well as other doctors that Ive researched.




So i started filming today. It was a good day. We filmed in the first aid room. This was actually good thing as it does look like an actual hospital.

Filming consisted of Libby, Shola and Natalie, who acted in the scene., with me behind the camera.

The filming went well, there were only a few hic-ups, mainly with people remembering their lines. but after we ran through it a couple of times. Everyone knew what they were doing.


For tomorrow, I intend to film some more. Mainly my one shot take with Steve, Natalie and Libby.

FMP Task One

So today we had our first day back after the Easter Break and we started work on our Final Major Project.

Over the half term, I started looking at things to do for my FMP and the idea came from a minor hospital stay that I had early March.

I came up with the idea of a hospital drama as I’ve spent much time in hospital growing up.

So I wrote the script in about two hours.

Over the half term, i started looking into medical dramas and watching a few episodes of House, M.D, E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy to see how each drama was filmed.  After taking notes from this, I then knew how I wanted to film my film.

For my primary research, I emailed a few surgeons that I had as i was a patient at G.O.S. H. up London and waited for a response. i got one a few hours later and then my research was starting to get underway.



I need to fact check my plan and see if what i have written can be medically accurate.