So the viewing for my FMP is now over and it muckedup. The audio was way to low on the video, so that was probably a problem on my end as it could of happened when i was sorting out the audio in Audition and premier pro. So that means I will need to try and re work my audio in Premier before the rest of the class can watch it.




This is my self evaluation for my Final Major Project. For this, I decided to create a film based in a hospital.

The decision to base it in a hospital was an easy one. Having spent most of my life in hospital, being there kinda feels like a home from home. I started planning the drama in March when I was actually in hospital. The idea came from writing a fan fiction story.


Filming began on a Wednesday and involved  Steve, Libby and Natalie and it was the scene which envisioned as a ‘oner’ a scene shot in one take. This however wasn’t the case as it was to difficult to do it as the actors struggled to keep a straight face for the duration of filming.

Filming was a fun and memorable experience mainly because it was so enjoyable to do. The scene I remember filming the most was the scene in the staff room as it was an absolute joy to film.

There were many of other scenes that I enjoyed but the one that I had a struggle with was the stair well scene. This was a struggle because i didn’t close off the stairwell for filming. This is something that I should’ve done as filming kept being interrupted. Another thing was the actors remembering their lines. Again this may have been my fault as i did include some very medical heavy dialogue.

Filming took me a couple of weeks as the availably for my actors kept changing and the access to the locations was hard to gain, especially for the roof scene.

After  finished filming, the first thing that I did was upload all my footage into Premier Pro so I could edit it. This took me awhile as I had filmed my scenes out of order, again due to actor and room availability . Once I had them all in order I had to sort out my audio.

This was done with ADR as I re-recorded Jane and Natalie’s voices. More information on this can be found on the blog entitled ‘Syncing Up Audio For FMP.’

My biggest problem with this film was matching camera resolutions. Because my camera shoots in a higher resolutions then the cameras that the college use, meaning that i had to cut a scene with Sola and Libby.

There were many changes to my script, the major one was that Jane’s character was changed from a woman to a man and then back to a woman after my male actor became unavailable. This in a sense bought my pre-production and the whole project full circle.

One thing that kept constantly changing was the song choice. I’d specifically wrote the final few pages to have music playing over the scenes. This is knows as Songtage, Songtages aren’t that well known in the UK but were mostly made famous after being used in the hit U.S. show ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ They use music in all of their episodes, especially when a main character dies. A prime example of this would be when main character Derek Shepherd died, they used a haunting and emotional cover of Snow Patrols ‘Chasing Cars’ a song used several times in the shows history.

The list of songs I narrowed it down to were,

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Bootstraps
The Riddle – Five for Fighting
Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
Every Other Sunday – The Wind And The Wave
Broken – Lifehouse
As Long As You Love Me – Sleeping At Last
Yellow – Coldplay
The Scientist – Coldplay
Having tried all the songs, the one I decided to go with was ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’  with Bootstraps covering the song. I chose this one because I found that the lyrics fit really well with the scenes that were happening.
I achieved my goal in creating my medical drama. overall I am pleased with how the film turned out.
Also I asked an external audiance to watch my film. The questions that I asked were,
What did you think of the film?
Was the relationship  between the two main character’s clear?
What did you think of the song choice?
What would you improve?

Syncing the audio for my FMP

Syncing the audio for my FMP was a struggle to say the least. As I’d filmed the entire movie without a boom and a dead cat, the audio wasn’t that great. So i decided to ARD some of my actors scenes as some of the scenes audio quality was rubbish. After I rerecorded Jane and Natalie I synced it up a version of my film.

I didn’t however have time to re-record Steve Davis or Libby. So I had to make do with their audio, all but one of their scenes were good for audio levels. That scene was the stair well. This scene is the one scene that I now hate in the film as the audio is completely awful as I filmed the scene too far away from my actors. Plus the stairwell in itself was a pain to film in as it was very echoey. After several attempts to sort it out and add Reverb Jane’s tracks. This was an issue as when I played both tracks together, you could easily hear the difference, even with the reverb on Jane’s tracks. I even tried finding a piece of reverb in all the other scenes filmed in the stairwell.  This failed. So in the end, I decided to use the actual camera audio to play over the scene.

Another scene that I found tricky to sort out was the roof scene. This scene was windy as hell and the audio wasn’t that clear, mainly this was my own doing as I failed to acquire a boom and a dead cat. Luckily Natalie ADR’d all of her audio so it was easy to sort out, the thing I had troubled with was finding a piece of audio that had no dialogue. This was an easy thing to do as the lines on the roof wasn’t as fast as they were in the Stairwell scene.

In retrospect I should have used a boom an shut off the stairwell for when I am filming. Another thing to do is make sure my actors say the lines slowly.


So i started filming today. It was a good day. We filmed in the first aid room. This was actually good thing as it does look like an actual hospital.

Filming consisted of Libby, Shola and Natalie, who acted in the scene., with me behind the camera.

The filming went well, there were only a few hic-ups, mainly with people remembering their lines. but after we ran through it a couple of times. Everyone knew what they were doing.


For tomorrow, I intend to film some more. Mainly my one shot take with Steve, Natalie and Libby.