This is my self evaluation for the iProduct.

For this project, I had to create an iProduct for Apple. This was a task that I found extremely difficult to begin with. The reason why I found it hard was because I couldn’t think of an idea for my iProduct.

It was only after a few days of thinking that I then decided  that I would do an idea that Apple haven’t done before, so I started to look at all the products that Apple have done and looked at how all the products have been looking at the future and then that gave me an idea.

I decided to look at the types of devices that Apple haven’t ‘updated’ we’ve had the iPod, which is an update from the Walkman, The Mac, which is a update from a computer. So I decided to think of an old school way that the older generation would be interested in.

The idea was something that I thought would be a long shot in actually making sense. But after I thought about it and then I decided to go for it and go for it. The idea that I had, was to make an Apple inspired Vinyl player, with a built in arm to help chose the tracks and place them on the vinyl player.

The idea was to attach a vinyl player to a rack and have the arm revolve and move like an actual mechanical arm that can be controlled by an app on your phone.

I created my Prototype using images from Google images and saved  them as a Jpeg file,  opened them up in Photoshop CS6.  Once I got my picture loaded, I looked at the ways to erase the background from the image itself. The image I got was of a cd rack.

After I got the CD rack completed I then went on to the more difficult part of the design, which was trying to find a robotic arm that could look and seem like it could feel like a part of the iProduct. After I had found one, I again, needed to remove the background from it. After much difficulty of doing this, my tutor then intervened and helped me with it.

Once that was complete, I then had to start work on my powerpoint presentation. This was when we had to create a presentation to show in front of the class.

I thought the presentation went really well and can’t wait to start the next project.